Who We Are

The company works with industries, corporate, investors and suppliers to create value for the solar Projects and bring down cost of solar power in the country. Our specialization covers the entire value chain, ranging from designing, project development, construction, financing to operations and maintenance of solar systems. Our expertise focuses on the technical and economical optimization of the solar power plants. Paawan Energy is developing a qualified line of solar projects in the photovoltaic sector that are available to investors interested in the energy sector.


We strive to develop and deliver energy efficient, reliable and innovative renewable energy solutions to the community. In doing so, we make every effort to meet our stakeholders' needs by being responsible, engaged and connected.


We aim to be at the forefront of the energy revolution. Paawan’s guiding principle are to expand decentralised energy, and increase access to it, through:

  • Highest return on investment over the lifecycle of the project
  • Unrivalled global reach in our sector
  • Localised capabilities
  • Entrepreneurial spirit coupled with rigorous risk management

What We Do

Engineering, procurement & Construction

Supply & Distribution-Solar Products

Advisory & Consultancy

Rural Development Activities

Project Development

Training & Recruitment

Why choose Us


We Plan We Execute

Paawan energy first makes the plan then executes it.


Integrated Business Solution

This service package is designed for those who are interested in investing in photovoltaic projects.


All In one Consultant

Paawan energy include all in one consultant services.


We Offer Best Services

Paawan energy offer best solar services in India at very competitive price.